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Do you wish to be among the 10% successful startup companies? Our mission is to increase this percentage by helping your company as well as by fostering innovation globally. It is the new generation of entrepreneurs and innovative projects that inspires us to contribute our knowledge, experience, and tools to scale up your idea to international level.

Our focus is on the small innovative companies having the potential to blitz scale and to change the world. We do not limit the scope of projects that we support to the ones operating in the tech field. In our view, the growth of the global ecosystem is driven by diverse factors. Thus, whenever we spot an opportunity to boost an impressive high impact idea with a strong team behind, we are happy to help.


On your way upwards we are going to help you to:

  • Structure your company in the most sustainable way

    It is a famous quote that success is nothing but a meeting between the right preparation and the opportunity. Therefore, it all starts with the right corporate structure, organization of internal processes and resources management in the context of your vision and markets that you aim at. The analysis of your structure will always be the first step in our collaboration and on the next stage we and our partners can help you to implement all necessary procedures and all related tools to enhance your activities.

  • Strengthen your values and vision

    Impact is all that matters. It keeps the relations between you and your clients and customers sustainable and is at the core of the prosperity of all key players on the market. Moreover, values and vision are the main factor keeping your team inspired about their role in the entire ecosystem. It is clear that apart of all economic factors people and partners are driven to cooperate with you because your positivism and ideas excite them. Since emotions are one of the main drivers of growth it is immanent part of our program to assist you with building up a platform of inspiration and passion which will make your business model even more successful.

  • Develop a great team

    The most common answer to the question "What precisely are you considering the most while making an investment decision?" is "We look at the team.". Many startups and scaleups are missing specific skills in terms of achieving the optimal growth of the company. By using our large network of specialists we may find the right match that will supplement your team. On the other hand, we would always advise you what skills set would be required for every role in your undertaking and propose you additional courses that you might consider.

  • Enhance your product

    Innovation will help you to make an impressive entry on the market but only 100% quality may guarantee constant presence on the top. Furthermore, it is a must to align the product with the diversity of countries you may wish to have access to. We do have at our disposal all necessary expertise that you would need in terms of improving your product.

  • Discover new markets and opportunities

    Our network worldwide enables us to connect you with partners all over the world including USA, Russia, UK, United Arab Emirates etc. Upon successful completion of the preparatory process we will help you to expand your markets and boost your sales. As a result you will have an efficient innovative entity which will be scaling up while operating on international level.

  • Get funding from investors sharing your vision and passion

    Your scaling up strategy is immanently related to certain stages of funding. These rounds are going to be carefully calculated with regard to your sustainable development and best interest. We may invest in your company ourselves at some of the fist stages. Moreover, based in Delaware USA, we have a wide network of investors with different focus from all over the world including the Silicon Valley, Moscow, London, New York, United Arab Emirates etc. Therefore, there are no limits for your growth.

  • Resurrect your startup (if that is the case)

    We are aware that many startup companies have failed for numerous reasons. It is our belief, however, that some of them still have their idea, intellectual property, team and vision which can still scale up after removing the reason for the initial failure and going through our program. If that is the case, don't let your dream fade! Contact us and tell us the story of your company and why you believe it did not achieve the top of its potential. We do not promise that we can revive any project but where we see potential we may decide to get involved. As we well know, failure is the road to success so do not hesitate to dare to continue!


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